Created in His Own Image

(The Bible for Atheists, number 8) 1) If your god (according to Genesis) created Man in his own image, where IS that image? 2) How did he have a clue what Woman should look like (ie in whose image)? (from Wes) ABSOLUTELY NOBODY takes this literally! (except maybe atheists!) Question is based upon an even […]

That’s the Gospel Truth

“I have read The New Testament. It’s a mess of conflicting stories about events decades before it was written. And some people believe The Bible is the literal truth. This does not make any sense whatsoever. My question is this – how can The Bible be literal truth when it essentially contradicts itself?” (Lee) “Why […]

Why are the Jewish scriptures in the Bible?

“Why is the Jewish Old Testament included in the Bible? Including nonsense about owning slaves and the like. And what’s with that mushroom tripping monk who wrote Revelations? If you are Christians, then why waste your time on anything except the gospels? The rest of the Bible is just opinions and history, written by mere […]

The Sacrifice of Isaac, the Crucifixion of Jesus, and the God of Love

“Why, in the story of Abraham and Isaac, did no-one suggest that human sacrifice is wrong, or that Abraham had no right to human-sacrifice his child?” (from Paul, The Bible for Atheists #5) How did idolatry and the sacrificial system begin? The Bible does not attempt to explain the existence of idolatry and the sacrificial […]

Religion, Life after death, and Jesus (The Bible for Atheists #3)

“Jesus was a man created by the Romans 4k years ago, the same as heaven and hell. It was put in place to keep the masses under control. Just another Hans Christian Andersen story. When we leave this world we’re all going to the same place. It’s like Kerry Packer said, when he died 5 […]

Living The Lord’s Prayer

“In this manner, therefore, pray …” (Matthew 6:9) The Lord’s Prayer, found in Matthew chapter 6 and Luke chapter 11, is the most universal of Christian prayers.  In many churches it is a vital part of weekly worship.  We teach it to our children.  It is familiar to us.  But do we really understand it? […]