Religion, Life after death, and Jesus (The Bible for Atheists #3)

“Jesus was a man created by the Romans 4k years ago, the same as heaven and hell. It was put in place to keep the masses under control. Just another Hans Christian Andersen story. When we leave this world we’re all going to the same place. It’s like Kerry Packer said, when he died 5 […]

Living The Lord’s Prayer

“In this manner, therefore, pray …” (Matthew 6:9) The Lord’s Prayer, found in Matthew chapter 6 and Luke chapter 11, is the most universal of Christian prayers.  In many churches it is a vital part of weekly worship.  We teach it to our children.  It is familiar to us.  But do we really understand it? […]

The Bible for Atheists

The first in a new series, The Bible for Atheists, answering questions and challenges to the Biblical story. Tell us what seem strange, contradictory, or challenging about the Bible! Phil writes, “Why did Jesus tell the disciples off calling them of little faith when they were crossing the lake in a boat and a storm […]

Going through the motions

What happens when you take God out of religion? NOTHING. There are plenty of people around the globe, of every religious persuasion, who practise godless religion. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Christians. They go through the motions, fulfilling the rituals they have been taught for no other reason than it’s what they know and what they […]

On Marriage

I want to express a special welcome to anyone who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Intersex. To voluntarily step into what you would no doubt expect to be a hostile environment to hear what I have to say, shows both courage and intellectual openness, it is something that no one else here has […]